Tips from Quality Control Consultants: What Should Interface and Functionality of a Shopping Cart be Like?

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It is impossible to imagine an online shop without a shopping cart.

One doesn’t have to be an expert in mobile testing services, desktop testing or web application testing services to know that a shopping card plays an important role in an e-commerce system. It allows the customers to form, review, edit the orders.

There Are 2 Main Scenarios of Using a Cart:

– The customer picks all the needed goods and places the order. The customers, who know exactly what they want, behave this way.
– The customer adds a lot of products to the cart and then reviews, studies them and selects the needed ones. Customers, who haven’t decided what goods they want to buy, act this way. Such a behavior is frequent during various sales.

Quality control consultants suppose that the cart should be convenient and useful for clients of the both types.

A Shopping Cart Should:

– Give detailed information about all the added goods, that is their prices, availability, links, leading to their photos and comprehensive descriptions. Otherwise the user may buy the wrong products or spend much time on verifying whether they added the needed products to the cart.
– Save the added goods regardless of any technical problems until the client places or cancels the order.

Various technical issues such as bad Internet connection, accidental closing of the site, can happen while the customer is forming or raising the order.

Saving the added products is important, as it may be embarrassing for a client to add numerous products to the cart for the second time.

Usability testing services show that a customer may also reconsider buying some goods and the shop will receive less revenue.

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