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Is it worth taking software outsourcing projects, especially those that are connected with one development phase? There is no definite answer.

If the testing outsourcing company that specializes in a particular area (for example testing of documentation), has its projects, which are parts of the projects of other companies. For a company with a business model, originally oriented to participate in other people’s projects, with proper positioning on the market its services may purchase certain benefits: ranging from the positive recommendations of the customer to joint marketing, stressing the important role of the Executive Director on the project.

Ultimately, upon reaching certain achievements and success in such projects for a company it is possible the gradual acquisition of reputation for unique and high-quality services.

Software testing in well-established companies in this field is considered an absolute confirmation of the high quality of the tested product.

The least profitable of custom works in the strategic plan is, in my opinion, the work on writing the model code, especially in terms of the confidentiality agreement. This activity allows you to earn some money and perhaps acquire additional knowledge, but generally, does not ensure neither marketing, nor own activities, recognized reputation and popularity.

Therefore, this line of work can be recommended to the companies starting their activities in the market and have desperate need of any orders. Top outsource testing companies that are known and stable may consider the establishment of a common code mainly as a means of ensuring the employment of temporarily idle staff.

In general, it should be noted that with a proper organization of the project for development of software outsourcing, one can pass a significant part of it.

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