The Optimization of Software Test Outsourcing by Means of “Rightsourcing”

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At first, let’s find out what a term “Rightsourcing” means. Quite often, software test companies look for the outsourced software testing services, which are divided into “insourcing” (in-house testing services) and “outsourcing” (third-party service providers). In this case, rightsourcing means “choosing the correct source.”

So how to make right sourcing? When choosing a company, it’s essential to pay attention to the following features: broad experience with real-world customers, the use of different approaches and methodologies, a skillful team that is driven by passion, certified testing team.  Also, the necessary thing to do when choosing a company is to check the key deliverables of the software testing services.

key deliverables

What services should the company deliver? TestMatick is one of the top software testing firms that provides qualitative offshore software testing services, among which are:

  • Improvement of the software quality & value.
  • Flexibility provision.
  • Reduction of costs of the overall SDLC.
  • On-time delivery of software services & products.
  • Offshore and onshore teams.
  • Nonstop efforts that improve test coverage, timeliness and quality.
  • A cost-effective blend of internal and outsourced testing efforts.





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