The Job of a QA Tester: A Good Start in the IT Field

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Being a world-class software tester — sounds good, right? What is the future of this job? What level of salary does it offer?

We’ll try to give comprehensive answers to these questions since the position of a tester is a really great job for a Junior developer and for other professionals.

So let’s start.

Why Is a QA Job So Attractive

Why Is a QA Job So Attractive

Why does the job of a tester seem to be a good start in the IT field?

Software testing is a special type of checking if a product or a whole service completely meets the defined requirements and complete analysis of them, from the potential user side.

Argument 1: software testing is really popular nowadays

In our digital age, almost everyone uses computers, from the health-care system, the banking services system, the educational system to the industrial field.

The rivalry in software development and software testing rises every day.

As a result, numerous projects of various types appear since they need to engage experienced specialists.

Online communities offer numerous services and products of any type but they are of low quality and this is a real problem.

While performing software quality assurance, it’s very important to execute software testing. Functionality software testing is very popular, therefore, if one has good skills in this field, he/she will instantly become a useful “work unit” in a labor market.

Argument 2: testers get a good salary

Some people think that most testers receive a lower salary than common developers do. Actually, it’s a silly misconception.

Certainly, Junior and Senior QA engineers are paid differently.

The level of a salary primarily depends on the future improvement of skills when you’ll have the possibility to show a director what you have learned.

All software development and software testing companies are aimed at increasing the salary of their employees, according to the level of their work. If you want to make a lot of money, you should have various technical skills, certificates, etc.

Don’t sit still, try to search (if possible) for other jobs in your field, then you’ll have a good chance not only to change your work environment but also, try to ask for a little bit higher pay than the one you receive at your current job.

But one more time: everything depends on you and your desire to self-develop.

Argument 3: it’s the easiest way to join the IT field through the QA field

Generally, any tester should have higher education and have at least a specialist’s degree.

But if you don’t have higher education, some companies can suggest working in related fields, to get the certificate of graduation from a university or another higher education institution.

Argument 4: it’s not hard to change the QA field to the development field

A person can easily do this if he/she works in a software testing field for a long time and wants to try his/her hand at development.

And vice versa: if he/she is confident and has technical skills, it’s easy to ask a director to change the field.

If a tester wants to continue working as a tester and also, has development skills — it’s really great!

Argument 5: QA tools are very simple

You don’t have IT experience but want to try your hand at a testing field? You can easily use thematic educational resources that offer the possibility to get and learn much information on this field and also, give you the possibility to learn numerous tools that you will use in your future work.

Argument 6: you can work as a freelancer

Some people don’t like the 8-to-5 working schedule. They like to work when and where it’s convenient for them.

If this is about you, you can start working as a freelance tester.

Numerous companies worldwide search for employees who work as freelancers. They simply give a person the task and he/she, as a tester, should set its deadline and therefore, do everything the clients are asking for.

Also, there are numerous online platforms that offer the possibility to post orders and vacancies on executing a certain type of IT services (for example,,

Argument 7: it’s very easy to recover after a break

If one worked as a tester in a software testing company several months (years) ago and reached certain positive results, he/she will not forget the basics and will have the possibility to find quite a good job in this field after the break.

During breaks, you can track all current software testing trends, know, and easily understand new tendencies of this field.

Argument 8: testing helps to easily change your field

If a person has a huge experience in a software testing field but feels that he/she needs to develop his/her skills or he/she is tired of the same work, then business analysis can be a good choice to completely change his/her work.

Any business analyst, if he/she is proficient in his/her field, knows much more than a tester does. And this is a good factor while choosing the field to develop your skills.

If you wish to become a business analyst, you should achieve certain results in the following fields:

  • Understanding of the analytics field;
  • Perfect communication with people;
  • Good knowledge of office software and popular analytical systems of the year 2020.

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