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Let us take a short excursion into the past – ask a simple question: “When did it all start?” It is believed that very few people in the high-tech world will deny that the software business as a mass phenomenon has appeared thanks to Bill Gates. Yes, he was not the first, and Sun Microsystems, IBM and Unix preceded his invention – Microsoft software corporation. Yes, before the world knew him, there were the computing laboratories in the USSR, the USA and Japan. Yes, programs were written (and tested) earlier than he became famous as a founder of the company.

But let us face up to real things: it is Windows, with all its innumerable defects, that served as the catalyst to bring planetary computerization of everything in our lives, in that its form (a computer in every home and office), in which it exists now. And although one can well understand a huge number of people continuing to write and compose countless jokes about Bill Gates, one cannot but pay a well deserved tribute to this great man. So, the software testing profession originated within Microsoft. QA company solves software development-related problems and ensures that the products will appeal to their customers.

When Mr. Gates decided to put competitive pressure on an edifice such as Sun Microsystems and all the Unix camp as such in the server operating system market, creating a Windows NT, he came to the successful conclusion. There is the only one way to fight with the OS, which is written and debugged by tens of thousands of people – oppose them with own army of specialists. But programmers, especially when there are a lot of them and they work on a huge project, are not able to monitor the quality of products published. And, therefore, in order to create a competitive operating system, a group of people, responsible for testing the quality of the final product, has been created. Load testing services involve subjecting software apps to certain workload to measure their response and then make the most of it.

Here we come to the question of the testing profession, with the aim to know what the tester really is, what he does and how he differs from a quality engineer. Thus, the tester is a person evaluating software product from the user’s point of view. Actually, his task is to confirm that the person seeing and using the program for the first time, will be able to make full use of its functionality, without experiencing any inconvenience from the “hanging” system, error messages, unexpectedly closing windows and other “charms” that many software products abound with. Installation testing services deal with the correctness of software installation.

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