Software Testing Services Company: What is Random Number Generator?

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“Random” entry does not at all mean “all that comes to mind,” otherwise it would be fundamentally unfair to pretend to uniform coverage of the function domain. Here, it is better to refer to the random number tables – a computer program that can generate unlimited amounts and quantities of such numbers. However, it should be understood that the algorithms used by many similar programs, are not random. In addition, it often happens that even the basic algorithm is not accurately implemented in programs.

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Therefore, before selecting a particular random number generator even such as written by the staff working for a reputable company, or built in one of the standard programming languages, you must find out which algorithm is responsible for ensuring its proper operation and whether or not it is suitable for your needs. Something that is good for a simple program, which draws multicolored fireworks on the screen, may be absolutely unsuitable for QA / Test professionals who deal with complex engineering programs. Often, the random number generator repeats their sequence at regular intervals – for example, after every 65 535 numbers it all starts from the beginning.

It is easy to understand that web testing services are designed to focus on web applications. But what is their contribution to the quality of the products? Actually, they help to improve performance of the software by finding and fixing bugs in it as early as possible and adapting it to a variety of real web browsers.

  • Before performing testing, it is recommended to read the literature on the random number generator. Do not trust any program simply because you already have got it, and the other is not at your disposal yet therefore you do not want to look for it.
  • You ought to continue reading until the below suggestions (in the literature) do not seem quite clear and comprehensible to you. It is not necessary to use them, but if you cannot even understand them, then you have little knowledge about the subject area so that to take decisions on your own. And it may be that, after spending your time on testing, you may suddenly find out that it was conducted improperly, since the input data was not random.

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