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Problem Is Documented

As soon as a tester finds error in the program he begins studying it to identify its cause and then writes a report on it. Afterwards the report is to be entered into an issue tracking system. In some companies, the report makers themselves put their records in the database. In other organizations, reports are written manually and a specially designated employee adds them to the database. Also, sometimes, testers register their reports on their own but the other employees, such as managers, personnel of technical support group or Marketing Department first submit their reports to the person who is responsible for analyzing them ( system analyst, tester or project manager) and who takes the final decision on whether to enter them into the system or not.

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There are single-user and multiple-user issue tracking systems. A typical single-user system is installed on the computer in the testing department. It can be accessible only to testers. The rest receives the initial and final reports that are printed by one of the testers, specially assigned to perform this work. In the case of a multi-user system, the situation is fundamentally different. The database system is installed on a one of corporate network computers. Direct access to it is gained by all testers and project managers and, as a rule, also by the programmers and technical documentation writers. Employees of marketing and technical support groups can work with the system not in all companies, although, probably, they should have that right. Any employee rights of access to the system may include the ability to enter their own reports, enter data in certain fields of reports drawn up by other staff members, request information from the database and print summary reports.

Selenium testing service is used to automate testing of web apps and, consequently, accelerate the process by sending multitude of browsers to the website so that to measure response time of web pages and rendering time.  

The Report Comes to The Project Manager

Once a report is entered into the database, a copy should go to the Project Manager. In a multiuser system, this work is done automatically – the project manager has direct access to the database, and, therefore, to the newly introduced report. In single-user system, an employee of the testing team periodically sends the printed copies to the project manager.

Pen testing service is available to help you protect your network from unauthorized users. If you ignore conducting pen tests on your IT systems you are running the risk of losing your critical data.

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