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Many IT organizations cannot manage huge amounts of data and these amounts only grow. Therefore they do not mind software QA company governing their digital artifacts. Testers work with data half of their time since testing is basically a data-driven process.

Before resorting to any testing IT companies gather and organize data for it. These organizations greatly benefit from managing the process and using test data because testing is a substantial part of the development process.

Thus, test data management must not be undervalued. Tests happen to fail and the root cause consists of the test data inconsistency. Therefore, test data should be managed in the most efficient way.

At that, one can be sure that there is no prejudice to test metrics and test execution process does not cause any time loss or interruptions. To ensure a complete test data management process, you need to carry out some activities in a structured way(only then you can reflect on cost reduction, test efficiency, and acceleration).

Test Data Management Processes

  • Start a demand tracking activity to manage the status of the test data and their demands. And don’t forget about development of workflow and employment of a process tracking tool.
  • Incorporate test data analysis activities into test planning stage.
  • Define all the required data parameters such as the amount of data (depth), the variation of data ( breadth), relevance of test data in respect of the test goals ( scope), the architecture of the test data (physical structure), sensitivity.

Offshore software QA is what you really need if your concerns are associated with quality & brand improvement, returns on investments, customer satisfaction, and timely successful releases.

  • Set your test data goals and never forget to frequently measure them (accessibility, consistency, reliability, integrity, completeness, security, timelessness, etc.)
  • Carry out test data preparation activities during the test development phase and include them in the project plan.
  • Calculate efforts for the test data preparation and analysis.
  • Use incremental approach. Move step by step: extracting-masking-loading.

Outsourcing software testing you significantly save on your time, efforts and, of course, money. Professional offshore testers offer a wide spectrum of testing services for you to get an individual, unbiased and accurate validation of your products.

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