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The main criterion for estimating the practical value of a document is how its content is clear and understandable to the reader. This is precisely what the author of the document focuses on, and, therefore, he must know exactly who will read it and what level of competence this person has. In addition, it is important to know what objectives can be achieved with this document – in some cases, it is enough to provide a short explanatory description, and in others clear and detailed instructions are required. Quality control firms offer you their professional services to keep track of your software project to ensure its successful completion.

Personal Notes

These are the simplest documents. But still they should be designed in such a way that after reading them a few months later, you could understand what they are about, what and why tests were performed and what results were obtained. Try to write them as carefully as possible, but at the same time be brief. The time spent making notes about the tests conducted should not exceed half to three times the amount of time necessary for their development and implementation. Multi-platform testing services help to find out whether or not software apps are compatible with multiple platforms.

The purpose of personal notes can be as follows.

– Description of the tests that will be repeated. Instead of rethinking every test, you can refer to the notes made at the previous stage of the work. These notes can be used to describe quite complex details. If it is a complex test with a lot of boundary conditions and other specific values, describe them all and do not forget to add what they are aimed at. Then, after changing the program, it will immediately become clear what changes will need to be made to such a test.

– A reminder of what has already been done. Strange as it may seem, actually, it does not cost anything to execute the same test a dozen times for several days. Sometimes the tester forgets that the test has already been performed, sometimes is not sure of this and just to be on the safe side, he executes it again. If you carefully keep a log of ongoing test cases, all this confusion and waste of time can be avoided.

– A reminder of what remains to be done. Carefully write down all the ideas about future testing. In the future, when developing new tests, you can refer to these records. Exploratory testing services combine three activities to be conducted out in parallel: test design, test execution and learning about the product.

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