Quality Assurance Testing Services Provided Prior To Completion of Alpha Software

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First of all, you should have all the equipment necessary for qa and testing work. Think what you need to buy, and look for opportunities to rent the rest.

Negotiations with the companies that can lend you the necessary equipment should be started as early as possible. Note that you have to fulfill a number of formalities, to complete the papers. There may be unexpected difficulties and delays, and if there is little time left before the release of the product, for example, three or four months, you are most likely not to achieve the intended goals. Independent quality assurance testing services are provided using advanced equipment and tooling that is why the results appear to be the most accurate and reliable.

If the testing objectives and the key tasks have not been determined yet, you should not delay any longer the starting of the verification and validation activities. Estimate how much time and effort required to accomplish the task.

Prepare the first version of the test plan. Start with the most obvious things, leaving most details for later. Firstly, they may still be changed several times, and, secondly, many details will become apparent later, during the analysis of the test object. First of all, the test plan should include the following:

  • List the supported devices (such as printers).
  • Make a list of the main functions of the program, menu commands, options, i.e., make a first version of the list of test functions.
  • Define the structure of the test plan, prepare a list of its major sections. For example, you need to know which part of the plan will contain a list of boundary conditions, and it will be made later.

Game testing as a service is extremely useful for game developers to check their products for bugs and glitches.

It is worth emphasizing once again that there must not be a lot of documents. Documentation is your working tool, which must meet the practical problems. All that is not required for testing is not generally necessary. And do not be tempted to spend the whole day, developing documentation and performing no tests. Be sure to practically check everything you write about. And, as a result, documentation will be more accurate, and the main thing – troubleshooting will be made faster.

Perform basic testing of the program. Do the most obvious tests, without spending too much time on each of the areas or functions. At this stage, pay more attention to the completeness of the coverage of the product, rather than the depth of analysis of each detail. If the program offers the user to choose from several options, check them all, if, however, there are dozen options, test two or three of them. You should not test all possible combinations of input values ​​– time has not yet come for this to happen.

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