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A set of testing activities is often aimed at examining the functionality of a system or its components in order to find and eliminate all possible inconsistencies in them. QA testing company has to solve various tasks every day with the intention to ensure high performance of software programs.

There are various types of verification and they are specified based on testing goals.

Verification Testing Goals Are the Following

  • Checking functional requirements which describe what software application should do.
  • Checking non-functional requirements groups (such as reliability and usability) which contain restrictions on how the software will do so.
  • Finding inconsistencies in structure or architecture of a software program or a system.

Verifying that the changes (modifications, upgrades, enhancements) made to the software have not caused it to work incorrectly. In order words, the goal of this verification is to make sure that reported software defects have been fixed and the part of the app began working as desired – it is a confirmation testing; and detect new bugs/defects which may be inserted accidentally owing to even small changes and bring unexpected issues – it is a regression testing.  

Model of software may be developed or/and used during structure-based (for example, control flow model and menu structure model) non-functional testing, including download model, usability model, security threat model) and functional testing (for example, business process model, state transition model or common language specification (CLS).

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Functional Testing

Functions to be performed by a system, subsystem or their component can be described in such artifacts of the development process as requirements specification, system use cases or functional specification document, or may be undocumented at all. These functions describe what the system does.

Functional tests are developed based on system functions and capabilities (these are specified in the documents, or understandable to the testers) and their interaction with particular systems, and can be performed at all levels of testing (for example, component testing can rely on component requirements specification document).

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