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The planning stage of development and implementation objectives coincide with those of the previous stage. An additional objective is the training of personnel to complete the project. This task includes the following:

  • Warning the project managers, customers, QA consultants and staff.
  • Preparation of staff performance appraisal.
  • Documenting the results of personnel management.

Notifying the project management, the customer and QA consulting means to provide the information about the plans of releasing the personnel, validation of completing contractual obligations and discussing the plans for releasing with the personnel.

To complete staff performance appraisal, you should use techniques and procedures adopted by the company.

All the accumulated knowledge gained during the project should be documented and may include:

  • organizational charts, project descriptions of positions and plans for project management staff;
  • principles, methods of conflict resolution and the promotion procedure;
  • special skills and qualifications of certain members of the team found during the project execution;
  • problems and ways of their solution enshrined in the problem project.

Infrastructure Preparation for Exploitation Phase

On the development and implementation phase, the tester verifies the conformity of the project results with project requirements and completion of configuration management. The objective of this phase is to ensure the readiness of the configuration management by the client.

For checking the conformity, QA consultants and testers perform the audit of the key results. Within the audit of key results, configuration manager shows the project manager and the customer received correspondence and planned results and the presence of adequate control results. All the results of the given sub-process are later used by the project manager when signing the Act of acceptance with the customer about the key results of the project.

Roles Within the Exploitation Phase

Configuration Manager prepares and coordinates the audit requirements and key project results and ensures the conduction of the audit. Project Administrator provides the preparation of configuration status reports that are necessary for audit conduction.The completion of configuration management process is to be handed over responsibility for project configuration process, as well as in the preparation and transferring of archive materials of the project.

Project Manager from the customer’s side develops the requirements for completion the configuration management process, besides it’s recommended to perform at the planning stage. Project Manager from the executive director side coordinates with the customer the procedure of transferring the configuration management tools. Configuration Manager archives the information about project configuration and organizes the process of archives transferring.

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