QA As A Service To Check Whether Or Not Problem Report Fields Are Filled In Correctly

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You are welcome to learn how to correctly fill in some of the problem report fields. Quality of this document is crucial as the better it is written the more errors it will help to identify in the program. QA as a service is really indispensable when it comes to ensuring that the manufactured product complies with requirements of its customers.


It is necessary to write the value Open in the Condition field of the newly created report.  After correcting the error or taking the decision according to which it is not necessary to continue working with the report, the value of this field is changed to Closed.

Some companies use only the three report statuses: Open, Closed and Fixed. In the database, programmers find reports with the status of Open, and testers choose those which have the status of Fixed. In some other system, programmers search for the reports marked as Under Consideration and testers – with the status of Open,  regardless of the resolutions accompanying these docs, only which are other than Under Consideration. Both of these systems are logically equivalent, but each of them has convinced supporters.

Pay attention to the fact that QA testing services can be used to improve quality of software being created by testing it at each stage of its development.

A priority

An issue’s priority is determined by the project manager, usually by using 5- or 10-point scale. Errors are corrected in order of priority.

In the different companies the priorities are determined in different ways. Here is a good example.

(1) Correct immediately – Error hinders the work of other employees.

(2) Fix as quickly as possible.

(3) Fix in the current version (alpha, beta, etc.).

(4) Fix before the final release.

(5) Correct if possible.

(6) Not necessarily – do as you see fit.

In practice, some of the project managers can use the 3-point priority scale, and others – 15-point one. It is recommended that every project manager independently choose the ways of determining the sequence of work.

As far as the Priority field is concerned, only the project manager shall have the right to fill in it, and the “Order of importance” field is to be filled in only by a writer of the report or a test team leader. The project manager and the creator of the report may radically disagree about the importance of the problem described in it, but none of them should correct the assessment of another. It happens that the tester estimates the error to be fatal, and the project manager assigns a relatively low priority to it. And since each of the employees has their own field (column) in the report, both of them may memorialize their views & opinions in the document.

Quality control companies help enterprises meet customer demands and expectations for better IT products.

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