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Some companies, in response to user complaints, write the so-called patches. These are actually small changes made to the program with intent to correct its specific errors. With this technology it is easy to overlook potentially serious side effects, as the changes are made in haste, and, on top of that, not very thoroughly tested. Patches are sent to users and stored in the archives of the company. New users will still get the original version of the software and, if desired, may apply to the company for the patches.

In preparation for the upcoming release of the software, all patches of the previous version are integrated in the new one. But it often happens that someone simply forgets to add some of the patches to the product. A testing team involved in work on the new release is responsible for ascertaining that none of the patches is forgotten.

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If your company uses certain software product support strategy, it is necessary to include the one more resolution in a set of possible problem resolutions reports – New Patch. Such a resolution would mean that the problem is solved temporarily and the corrections need to be made in the new version of the program. When this is done and the corresponding code of the new release will be properly checked, you will change the text of the resolution to “Fixed”.

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Further comments on documenting the problems

In most cases, the main goal of issue tracking system is to identify and correct errors. No policy, no assessments, no administrative functions – only errors.

The objective of the testing team is to identify the maximum number of problems, their thorough analysis, creation of highly-effective problem reports and submission these for those who will be working with them, provision of simple and convenient evaluator. This tool should allow the user to search and select the information – both the summarized one and in individual reports, and, ultimately, maximally contribute to correcting errors and shortcomings of the program..

Stress testing services are rendered to determine whether or not a software application under test will crack under unfavorable conditions. This verification helps to understand if the product is robust enough to withstand the extreme workload and if not, to improve its parameters.

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