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After correcting the error, a programmer marks the report as Fixed and, possibly, adds some comments to the note. However, the work does not end there – there is still much to do to get the report right. Programmers often make mistakes. The problem may remain unresolved, or changes made to the program can generate new errors. Commercial software development experience shows that 10% of unsuccessful fixes is still a very good indicator of the overall quality of the product. If the programmer has the same ratio, it means the developers of the commercial software are lucky people, and the programmer is a highly experienced specialist and, in addition, mindful person. If 25% of the reports that are marked as Fixed by the programmer do not actually pass the test, of course, you should not be happy with this result, but still there is no reason to think that there is something out of the ordinary. So, while designing large systems there is a much higher percentage of unsuccessful fixes – up to 80%.

Outsourced software testing guarantees that you improve quality of your IT products cost-effectively. It is reasonable to send your work to independent qa experts for testing because they will provide you with the most unbiased assessment of your product’s quality – they are not employees of your company and are not involved in the development process.

It is best that the program be re-tested by the tester who drawn up the problem report for this testing, the report that is returned by the programmer who marked it as Fixed. If it was drawn up by someone who is not a member of the testing team, first it is necessary to reproduce the problem in the original version of the program, and then test the corrected version. (Try to work so that the last three versions of the program can be always at your fingertips, then you will be able at any moment to compare the behavior of the program with what it was before the correction.)

Game testing as a service is used to discover and spot bugs in video games before they go on sale. It covers the entire video game ecosystem across a variety of platforms including mobile, desktop devices, console, tablets and cloud gaming.

After receiving a report on the corrected error back, the first thing you need to do is to rerun the test which is described in the report. You will be quite surprised how often even these initial tests do not work.

Mobile testing as a service provides askable mobile services for mobile apps and/or software as a service to support quality engineering processes and software validation.

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