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Error Associated With The Destroyed Data

If program data are destroyed for some reason, this may cause the software to malfunction. It does not matter what is the cause of the destruction – it could happen because of the program itself, and, perhaps, the problem arose due to absolutely external circumstances. In any case, the program can detect data corruption in folders and files and give completely correct error message, and may also behave unpredictably. To reproduce this error, you must restart the program with the same data.

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The Error, Which Is a Side Effect of Another Problem

If the process of error handling is performed incorrectly, namely an error introduced in the program after it is complete, then, after a crash, there will be problems with the system recovery. In these circumstances, anything can happen, and even a new error may occur. To reproduce it, you will need to back up the cause of the first failure.

Irregular Hardware Failures

Typically, hardware problems, if they really exist, occur regularly. For example, a memory chip operates or not. But it happens that due to poor contact or accidental voltage fluctuation a one-time glitch occurs, which is no longer repeated. The failure may, for example, cause the damage to certain memory area, rather, the data or program code stored in it.

But do not jump to conclusions. An error should be associated with the hardware failure only as a last resort.

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Date and Time

The program, which operation depends on the date or time, can perform some specific actions at midnight, the first of January or at the end of February in a leap year.

The Year 2000 problem” is a well known problem – the possibility of failures for the numerous programs in the transition from December 31, 1999 to January 1, 2000 because of errors related to the tests which execution dates fall within a certain time range, as well as setting of default data and other similar moments.

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