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When preferred as a way to improve quality of manufactured software products, offshore software testing proves to be very effective and efficient – it costs less than onsite software testing; at that when used right, it can ensure that the work is going on each minute of twenty four hours on a project.

When software testers create problem reports they necessarily include certain columns in it. One of them is described below:

Degree of Seriousness

In this column a tester indicates how, in his opinion, serious an identified problem is.

Unfortunately, there is no clear and strict criterion to determine the seriousness of the problem. For example, a famous software engineer and consultant offers a scale from 1 (minor error, such as grammar mistake) to 10 (fatal error causing failures in other systems, war, murder, etc.). However, he does not attach too much importance to errors that make the user feel annoyed or cause him to waste time.

This way of thinking is a characteristic of many programmers. But, in fact, namely such subjective characteristics affect user impression of the program. And what do you think, how will it cost to have the consequences of the user annoyance expressed in reviews appearing in the press? You can say only one thing – each company may have its own criteria for establishing seriousness of program errors.

Stress testing service is used to put extreme load on a system or program to determine whether or not it will fail. This type of verification allows experts to understand if the test object is capable of maintaining a certain level of effectiveness under extreme or unfavorable conditions.

Then, a majority of errors identified by a tester are usually destined to go through the following step: the most insignificant of them often remain unfixed. But it does not have to be this way. Although grammatical mistakes do not affect the functioning of the program, they undermine user confidence in the software product. Please, note that the user is able to notice such errors. It happens that software sellers criticize good and reliable products, demonstrating their most insignificant disadvantages. Therefore, if a program has lots of minor errors, you need to create a single report on them, drawing attention of the developers to these apps’ quantity, and in the column named PROBLEM DESCRIPTION – Degree of Seriousness, you should write Serious.

Selenium testing services are delivered to automate testing of web apps with intent to speed up the quality assurance process and carry out an unbiased analysis of the software app’s performance.


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