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It is important not to forget to verify whether the product can properly perform its functions when the system or internal program limitations have been exceeded. So to say it is subjected to load that is gradually and constantly increased till the time it approaches the threshold limit. This type of verification is a qa service that allows people to determine performance of the software in real-world load conditions.

You should check file sizes, the program can work with, the number of printers, terminals, modems, which it can operate, the amount of memory it requires. It is necessary to open as many files as possible or other data structures the program can work with, and try to use it in this state. If the documentation does not describe restrictions on capabilities of the program, but contains logically valid values ​​for any parameters you should also analyze them. And if the program is incapable of handling a large number, which can be easily entered by the user, it is time to write a bug report. If the program easily receives and processes both very small and very large values ​​for the parameters then, probably, there are actually no restrictions on their usage.

Software development quality assurance is crucial as it guarantees a level of the product’s quality for the end client.

It is necessary to check the behavior of the program when various hardware resources are exhausted, for example, the disk becomes full or the printer is out of paper. See what happens when the system has extremely little free memory. You need to work with high- and low-speed modems. Put proper workload on the technical equipment to see what will happen.

In fact, load testing is one of the boundary condition testing types. It is similar to boundary value analysis as it is performed in the same way. First, the program is executed under the conditions in which it must operate (e.g., with the maximum number of terminals), then under the conditions in which it is not intended to work (another terminal is added). It makes sense to check various combinations of the conditions. It is quite possible that after sustaining a variety of increased loads separately, it will not be able to withstand all of them imposed together and simultaneously. And another important point: on loading the system, be sure to perform not just one or two tests, but long-duration and thorough testing on the product. Work with the program under such conditions for some time and it will fail for sure, probably not immediately, but it is certain to happen.

Quality assurance consultant will advise you on software product development namely how to accelerate this process with minimum costs while achieving better results.

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