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A few months ago, the Spiceworks platform published its own report on IT technologies used in 2021.

The respondents were buyers of IT solutions in various companies either in North America or in several European/CIS countries.

This survey was aimed at understanding the way organizations can spend their technology budgets in the upcoming 2022.

According to their data, most money in IT will be spent on the substitution of physical infrastructure for virtual infrastructure.

Most companies that took part in this poll expect that their income will rise.

And if incomes increase, IT budgets will increase too.

But what are the main approaches to forecasting making budget of IT for the second half of 2021 and the beginning of 2022?

Main factors

  1. The budget of IT is gradually increasing since companies substitute old technologies for new solutions. Approximately 44% of enterprises will increase costs spent on informational services (in 2020, there were 38-40 % of them);
  2. Each fourth company (with over 100 employees) is aimed at increasing costs spent on IT due to frequent security incidents;
  3. Current costs spent on the implementation of AI technologies in the IT business are expected to be higher, and costs spent on the implementation of cutting-edge computing technologies will be 2-3 times more. Big companies will implement new technologies 5 times faster than the small ones;
  4. Two-thirds of all big quality control companies plan to actively use the 5G technology in their everyday work.

90 % of companies predict their IT budgets will increase or be the same during 2022.

There is a tendency of increase, in comparison with 2019-2020.

Only 10% of companies think that their IT budgets will decrease in 2021.

Main categories of modern IT expenditures

About half of total expenditures are spent today on the following categories:

  • Security — about 7 % of the total amount of expenditures spent on IT needs. There is an issue with finding a correct solution for their needs and comparing a few solutions;
  • Communication services — 6% of total expenditures in IT. There are issues with searching for a correct solution and quantitative assessment for current business tasks that should be resolved;
  • User’s equipment — 22% of all costs spent on IT;
  • Server technologies — about 9% of all costs spent on IT. The issues are: finding a correct solution and analyzing if these expenditures can lead to the need of updating additional systems;
  • Network — 4% of all costs spent on IT;
  • Back-up — 10% of total costs spent on IT.

Possible technologies of the future

As for the implementation of IT technologies, several categories will be actively used in 2021-2022.

Primarily, we talk about the following technical solutions:

  1. AI architecture;
  2. Hyper-converged infrastructure;
  3. Modern computing technologies;
  4. 5G technologies;
  5. Server-free computing;
  6. Blockchain technology.

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