Is It Easy for Testing Services Company to Reproduce the Problem Situation?

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Professionals of a Ukrainian testing services company face various challenges daily because of their work. Having many years experience in software testing they can successfully solve any software-related problem encountered. Also, they can reproduce the problem situation without making much effort. But what about you? Can you also cope with task?

The answer may be YES, NO or NOT always. If you have difficulty reproducing the problem situation, then it is better to postpone writing the report until the matter has been clarified or you make sure that you do not know how to reproduce the situation (and therefore you will write No), or realize that it is irregular and does not occur often (and then you will choose to write Not always). In the latter case, the way of reproducing the situation should be described in detail by specifying the circumstances under which the error occurs, and under which – it is not shown. Be aware that, if you write Yes or Not always in the report, the programmer may ask you to demonstrate the described situation, and if you are unable to do that, you will just waste his time and he will lose his trust in you. On the other hand, a report on the problem, which cannot be reproduced, is most likely to be put on the back burner by the programmer until additional reports are submitted for consideration.

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Detailed Description of The Problem And How to Reproduce It

First of all, you should describe the problem in as much detail and clarity as you can, and if it is not obvious (namely, what the problem is or what it consists of), then why you think that there is something wrong with the program. You need to describe everything: all the steps and signs, all the details, including the error message. This section of the report should provide a programmer with the exhaustive information, therefore be ready to write down as many facts as possible.

Here you need to consider the mindset of the programmer: he can leave the error uncorrected, because he could not reproduce it, or postpone consideration of the report because he was not able to reproduce the error on the first try.

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