Involving Junior Testers in the QA Team: A Chance to Make a Qualified Specialist

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Hiring junior QA engineers for a software testing team is an important part of the recruitment process in a company. “Junior” means the associate specialist in the testing area; it’s the basic level. This level doesn’t imply deep knowledge and skills. Basic knowledge in this field will facilitate writing test cases and manual testing.

Junior testers are quite motivated when searching for a job. During the interview, their concentration and a detailed clarification of their work responsibilities are commendable. After the interview, regardless of its results, most of them will look for details about the future position and the difficulties they will face while performing their job duties in testing companies.

In the future, such employees are self-motivated so much they can benefit both the company they’re working in and themselves by improving their professionalism and moving up the career ladder. Such employees are not technically strong enough at the beginning of their work but their desire to be better can motivate more experienced employees.

Junior QA engineer - testing company

Junior QA engineer – testing company

Why Do You Need to Conserve With Juniors?

A mentor should be assigned to the junior QA engineer so that he/she does not have to scramble among his colleagues to find the necessary information.

It is quite responsible to supervise a young specialist and it requires additional resources from the mentor since no one has canceled his job duties. For an experienced employee, this is an additional opportunity to prove themselves by helping the new specialist cope with tasks, mentoring, and advising him or her.

Bringing a junior into the company is a way to grow a skilled testing professional who meets all the requirements of the company.

Essentially, he/she is not pressured by previous experience and is open to gaining new knowledge.

Short Conclusion

The ability to think outside the box, using multiple approaches to complete tasks will be a plus. Comfortable working conditions also contribute to the development of a young professional. Nowadays, most companies are interested in hiring juniors in different testing areas.

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