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Why you should optimize your mobile website

The number of Internet users reached more than 3 billion people by the end of 2016, and about 2 billion of them use mobile devices like tablets or smartphones to connect to any web page. According to analytics, in the next 5 years mobile Internet users will annually grow by 25 %. That is why, it is crucial to check if your website can run in mobile browsers.
Therefore, it is very important to check if your site supports mobile content.

Before you start testing mobile version of your website, try to give answers to common questions:

How fast does your website load?
Do your website design layouts look beautiful and attractive?
Does the site focus the visitor’s’ attention on your business?
Does the site offer what you expect and wish for?
Is the website easy to navigate?

Even if you answered ‘Yes’ to all the questions, you need to pay attention to the main factors impacting web application performance:

The download rate is always related to network delays, memory size, processor and cache size. All these are much shorter / smaller in comparison with that of desktop apps therefore the download time for mobile sites is longer.

You are probably interested in load testing services which help to measure response of different apps by putting demand on them.

Restrictive loading. You must make sure that many pageviews do not affect your website’s load time.

The responsive mobile web app helps to speed up the prototyping of mobile layouts and functions.

Fast load time will give your advantage over your competitors. The following actions affect the load time:

Reducing the number of dependencies.
Reducing client-side processing.
Reducing image size.
Decreasing the size of the content.
Avoiding redirecting to reddit mobile (
Choosing the right hosting solution.
Restricting HTTP requests.
Activating file compression.

Now we will consider the other steps you need to perform to verify the functionality of your mobile website to make sure it is correct.

Testing of the relationship between desktop and mobile versions of a given website

Testing redirection:

Mobile web visitors are to be redirected to mobile version of the website.
Desktop web visitors are to be redirected to desktop version of the site.
The redirecting makes it possible for the web visitors to access the necessary page but not the main page.

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