How to Choose the Right QA Courses?

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If you already have technical education, then it will be easier for you to shift to the IT field than for those who, due to the lack of such skills, try to get into various training centers at first.

The main thing here – choose the right courses among lots of options in the global network.

There are many criteria for choosing QA courses. And this article provides information on the methodology for selecting the ideal training site just for you!

Finding information about the educational center

If you find the website of the training center among the large list of variants, go to the “About us” section, where you’ll find the following information:

  • How long are the services provided?
  • How many people have already been trained there?
  • What technical knowledge base is in that training center?

Any software testing courses provided by a low-profile QA company will never be popular. Information about the course should be in an easily accessible form on the websites of such a company. If such a firm is of good report, it will never hide its well-deserved success from Internet users.

Proposed education program

Course content is the basis that allows digging into the IT-sphere under all circumstances. You have to ensure that the courses you’ve chosen provide you with the whole material in detail. To assess the quality of the proposed program in a complex, pay attention to the following features:

  • Clarity and consistency of the training material presented;
  • Detailed study of topics;
  • Wise determination of time needed to study each topic.

Being a high-professional QA engineer is primarily concerned with good mindfulness. So try to show it when you study the curriculum. Review the suggested course information on the Internet and check that the information contained therein is up to date.

Teaching staff

It is possible to become a true specialist in your field only with the constant support of the masters. This means that you should get to know potential teachers. Any site specializing in the provision of training services in the field of software testing should contain a whole section of useful information regarding each mentor who conducts the training.

Also, it would be great if you get acquainted with LinkedIn. It is a special virtual community where users can establish business relations.
By the way, when you complete the training, you should create an account on LinkedIn. This will help you to find your first job as soon as possible.

A second opinion

Experience of former students who already searched and studied some courses may also help you to choose a suitable digital platform for acquiring new knowledge. Pay attention to the latest comments on social media, on the site itself, and the Google platform – My Business.

If possible, contact the graduates of such courses and try to ask them about the questions you are interested in. An additional source of useful information can be various thematic communities, where users share their professional experience and can advise you on relevant sources for obtaining new knowledge.


It is impossible to take a multilevel course in the “Software Testing” specialty at the cost of several books on software testing! If you find courses at a very low price, it is worth considering that their content is likely to be poor.

What to do then? Try a few actionable tips:

  1. Analyze how much you are willing to invest in courses and outline the maximum financial threshold;
  2. Review the prices in the service market and select several options from the acceptable financial range;
  3. Ask the administrator of the resource about promotions or seasonal offers.


Choosing really good online courses is the first and important step on the way to your professional relevance and in the QA sphere. Don’t try to save yourself time since the only reliable and popular educational center will help you learn the most relevant technical base and thereby increase your value in the HR market!

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