How Does Programmers and Staff of Offshore Testing Team Deal with Problem Reports

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Once the additional information for the report is provided, the project manager will decide its ultimate fate – will send it to the programmer or postpone (assigning it the resolution of Compliant with the project, Unreproducible, or due to other reasons). Some project managers accidentally or intentionally delay consideration of the individual reports, not responding to them for some time, but good summary reports of Issue Tracker immediately reveal such unconscientious things. Professionals of offshore testing team naturally use an issue tracking system to manage bugs and a variety of issues. Using the tool, they facilitate and simplify their work when looking for defects in the program and documentation.

Some programmers happen to avoid correcting errors. Besides, they may disregard the documents, hoping that nobody will disclose their designs and, eventually, it may be too late to change something…

Sometimes programmer may work against tester, complicating his task with aim to make him document fewer errors; for example, the former exchanges words with the latter, requests for additional data, insists on the tester conducting extra studies, submitting the other evidence and so on. Unfair programmer may speak with a tester in incomprehensible language (jargon) trying to explain that changes to this part of the code may damage the whole system and decrease its stability. Offshore testers are among the best qa service providers therefore they advise you on how to deal with this problem.

Such situation can be handled. In particular, for this purpose, it is reasonable to use Comment field in the report. Every comment, explanation, every objection or suggestion should be entered in it. In a multi-user system, the programmer will have to enter all of his arguments in the report on his own. In single-user system, you should independently write the comments in the field. These notes must be phrased in a neutral way, and they should reflect exactly what was said. A good project manager or a test team leader is sure to review these comments and will take the necessary measures.

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Practically, in almost every project, onshore and offshore testers at a certain moment begin encountering unjustified resistance of programmers. The latter are often mistaken. Detailed comments in each of the problem reports can help the project manager or members of the testing team sort out misunderstandings and reduce tensions, arising between testers and programmers.

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