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Nowadays, all of us live in the information era. People are flooded with a mass of information that is not all the time suitable. Quality assurance companies face data volume problem, as particular data is used by a computer application or system. Due to large amounts of data, it is often when relevant, and necessary information is paid no attention.

One should necessarily keep track of all quantities of data used by the system under test and classify it based on importance for sophisticated testing, automated testing, multi-platform testing and other types of testing to be executed efficiently.  

Comparing the former applications with contemporary ones, you can see a consistent pattern: today’s software applications can handle a growing amount of data. However, software system has not as outstanding performance as wished it to be.

As a result, the demand for application testing with a fair amount of data has arisen. This volume must correspond to the reality so that not to cherish excessive expectations for the system’s functionality.

Why do you need performance testing service?

It is extremely helpful in finding and fixing performance defects in the early phases of development life cycle of your project. Using this you will know the best methodology and approach for performance testing of even your significant software projects.

What should be considered when developing a high-quality software product?

  • Information (that is, actually, an implication of building an application).
  • Servers.
  • Network (type and quality of coverage).
  • Potential users.

Since quality assurance conditions are 50 % compliant with application performance characteristics, there is no need for execution of software testing under full load. Some years ago this statement was acceptable. But amounts of data tend to increase, and the systems become more and more complex. Thus, the statement mentioned above is not of current concern anymore.

To approximately simulate test conditions to realistic performance parameters, one will have to make huge money investing in the process and make much effort for that. Despite this, it is not the guarantee that all inconsistencies will be eliminated.

As a rule, QA company carries out desktop testing and web testing at each stage of software development life cycle and monitors all the changes to the app’s functionality or user interface.

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