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Do you want to know whether you are suitable for the position of video game tester? Read this article to get informed about this profession. Here you will find whether the game testing is a boring and low-paid routine job, or, on the contrary, is the dream work.  So you will be able to decide if you need to look for a job in game testing companies after scrolling down the page.

The Amusement Factor

Do not think that you will do nothing but entertain yourself because there is a game control panel in your disposal all through the day. Firstly, it will occur to you that you may get paid playing games, then, you will realize that you are paid for testing games. But it does not mean that video game testing is not an amusement at all.

Game testing service suggests  great deal of investigations and repetitions to be made. If you do not get nervous doing the same things over and over again and if you are in interested in making investigations this job might be for you. You can enjoy game testing job just because of its work environment that is somehow relaxed and casual.

Job Peculiarities

Not high salaries and low job security

Too many people are willing to do this work that is why the wages tend to be low and managers are very easily replaced like any novice QA tester.  Moreover, testers often work on a contract basis for years before getting a permanent job in software testing companies.

In order to earn more money it’s are recommend to spend more hours on the testing but not playing!  Do you speak English fluently? Then carry our localization testing. It is a little bit more payable and can enable you to find positions in other industries.

Can you code? Sooner or later game testing will be automated. Does software testing interest you in general? Acquire the necessary knowledge on your own and offer the ways to optimize testing processes.

Extreme overtime

Compensation and quantity are not the same in different companies, but you should be ready to overwork in any company ever and again or even all the time.  This has to do with the whole software industry. You can work in video games or software and still do too much extra work.

Absence of recognition

As a matter of fact, sometimes testers are considered to be just monkeys with access to game control panels. There are many reasons for that, but the major one is that the testing discipline does not require excellent technical skills as, for instance, coding.

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