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Load testing is aimed at checking the behavior of the program under extreme operating conditions. Experts of load testing companies put simulated demand on computer, device, server, peripheral, app or network to measure its response. General candidates for load tests are the situations where:

  • Maximum Number of The Input Data. What demand can be handled by your program? Is it high, medium or low?? Compiler can be requested to compile a very large program, but a word processor – to open a large text file. With the interactive program you may try to continuously enter a very large amount of text to check the robustness of its input buffer. (In order to quickly respond to user actions, programs often store information about the keystrokes in a small buffer and start to process its content when the user suspends the operation for one second.) It is necessary to see how the program will behave in response to the non-standard data, for example, what the compiler or word processor will do with a completely blank file.

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  • Unexpected or Rare Workloads Are Used. To determine robustness of software it should be tested beyond its normal operational capacity. This process is referred to as stress testing. How will the program respond to the sharp increase in workload? For example, you can check how a word processor will behave if the user inputs text at a rate of 120 words per minute. If the maximum allowed number of simultaneous connectors to the app server is stipulated in the specification, it is required to check whether the program can effectively handle the particular designated load.
  • The Development Process Is Streamlined.  Resource Requirements Analysis Is Carried Out. It is necessary to examine the program requirements to the two important computer resources – RAM and disk space. If the specifications document places restrictions on use of these resources, you need to make sure that under no circumstances will the program require more memory and disk space than it should.

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