DevTools Functions, Popular Among Software Testers

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DevTools can offer developers/testers numerous useful functions.

Some of them are really popular and some – just help to look at the software you are testing from another technical perspective.

Further, we’ll talk about important and useful functions.


1. Emulation of Android OS/iOS. A possibility to connect Android through debugging

In today’s IT communities, numerous product companies have numerous mobile/portable devices that can be used for testing.

But some of them consider spending money on this pointless.

This useful DevTools function helps to rapidly test the software work on a mobile operating system without their presence.

A user can also track all incoming/outgoing requests on an Android virtual product, not using emulators and by connecting it to a PC and taking some simple actions.

You can also configure the connection to local servers by using this type of connection.

2. Changing geolocation and User Agent

Sooner or later many testers meet the problems with bug reproduction, that have been found by customers under several technical conditions.

A possibility to change User Agent helps to reproduce a certain bug that has been met in a particular browser version and on a particular OS.

Don’t forget to return to the default setting of User Agent when testing is complete.

3. Editing CSS styles of the selected elements

A tester should have an idea of how a certain button should look on a website or another software web interface.

This function helps to add background color to the selected field and change the font, color, and size of web objects.

This functionality is useful if you need to show developers and designers the way you see this element on a web page or you have a possibility to edit a button online, upon a client’s request.

4. A mockup doesn’t use JS/CSS

Don’t forget to perform system performance testing since it will be useful in terms of a nominal load on the software you are testing.

If the total unused code that constantly runs when there is a load on one or several pages is huge, then a tester will be able to find unused code and record it as an artifact inside a bug report, by taking the actions described in this article.

5. A possibility to save changes in Chrome when a page is reloaded

This function has been recently added to DevTools.

It can help to save all current changes that have been previously made in CSS.

When a page is reloaded, they will be saved to, for example, enable a user to visually analyze the way an edited button behaves during the page reloading.


Of course, DevTools is not limited to the functionality described above.

But everything mentioned in this article can serve as useful functions that can simplify the work of QA consulting and developers.

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