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User manual is created stepwise. The process involves 4 stages:

  • Development of basic structure and strategy for the book
  • Preparation
  • Production
  • Launch

The testers focus their main efforts on preparing a user guide. It is designed and made ready for publication by relevant specialists. Before being published, the book is thoroughly tested by the technical writer to ascertain that all the pages are present in it and they are in correct sequence. During work on the project, role and responsibilities of the documentation tester change. At one time a technical writer may be engaged in making the information more accurate, the next time – he makes corrections to style of the writing and in a different time – he sets out to arrange the document. Technical writing service is provided to generate quality technical documents such as user guide, product requirements, specifications, instructions, etc., using integrative writing approach, the industry standard.  

The First Draft

You will not have to frequently review the first draft of the guidance. Even the best technical writers do not usually have a very presentable first draft, and they are reluctant to show it to others. The pages may be rather regarded as personal notes of the technical writer. The author experiments with the first draft, not carefully working through its content. Therefore, it may contain a lot of errors, like syntax and actual ones, and be awfully written.

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However there may be the situation when you have just been assigned to a project, and you do not know how the program should work and above all else you cannot find the specification. In this case, you can ask the technical writer to give you at least some documentation, even if it is still only an outline, and maybe he will want to help you. In such a situation, it is important to understand that this is not a document yet, namely an outline intended for personal use only. If the technical writer gives the draft to you, then you have no right to criticize it despite anything.

Be informed, that quality assurance consulting is a comprehensive range of qa and testing services that cover all the aspects of software product development, including design and creation of documentation.

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