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Quality and reliability of software product are among the primary concerns for most users. For building qualitative software, it is necessary to balance efforts not only of several project teams but also companies.  

If you want to achieve outstanding results in software development process, you are recommended to consider software testing outsourcing. But, before resorting to this useful technique you need to learn how to interact with the testing agency and not to make the common mistakes.

Outsourced testing is a cost-effective approach when used properly. By this is meant that only the correct processes should be outsourced and software testing belongs to them. One can hardly name a today’s business that has not outsourced in one way or another.  Software testing & QA outsourcing is the perfect opportunity to enhance quality of the manufactured products. Everyone who interplays with computers in some way could not help noticing that software quality is of paramount importance.

Software quality assurance testing services are provided by a third party that is not engaged in the product development process. You are welcome to get familiar with the aspect of software qa – independent testing that is also known as outsourcing.

Testing & Outsourcing

It is a no-brainer, that testing is an important phase of software production process. It does not matter if your company has the testing department or not, since you cannot neglect this stage of the development life cycle. It always exists explicitly or covertly.

In the second case, programmers or even customers of the software product perform its testing. Up-to-date quality standards like CMM and as ISO 9001 give careful consideration to testing process, emphasizing that it is an individual stage of the software development.

It is worth mentioning that overall qa & testing strategy includes detection of software bugs present in the code. As was already stated above, you cannot avoid the test execution phase at all, even if your company does not use any qa standard / method.

You can carry out testing on your own or use the services of independent software testing companies. In the latter case, your product will be tested by a third party vendor, who is an outsourcer.

Do not confuse QA outsourcing with beta testing that is run to verify the product’s performance with the involvement of multiple casual users that do not have a systematic approach to software testing. They do this work so as to know whether software functions correctly in typical beta tester environments.


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