Why is Functional Testing so Popular in IT Testing Services?

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IT testing services, probably, are the most frequent users of functional testing services. It brings the following question: why?

It’s a widely known fact that a big number of software testing companies in USA and abroad meet tight schedules, tight budgets and moreover, they shouldn’t lose in the competitive market. Let’s proceed to the reasons of functional testing popularity.

Business requirements are the moving force of any software developments. Functional testing as a service is designed to meet these business requirements. But it’s noteworthy that some of the requirements can’t be tested (it doesn’t mean that they area mistake) because functional testing is not suitable for them.

Instead of functional testing, a tester should perform different testing types in order to satisfy the requirements. It is usual for company departments and those dedicated, to ask for requirements list with already performed test case results. And this is the reason #1, why functionality testing services are so important in the life-cycle development.

As already mentioned above, requirements are the beginning of every software development life-cycle. That’s why functional testing should be performed on early development stages.

Actually, it’s also advisable to perform functionality testing at the last development stages. Including this testing type into the list of requirements will make not only the working process but also the life easier.

Functional testing is based on the external behavior of a tested software. It’s also known as a “black-box testing” which means that neither inner design of the code nor logic is required. The necessity of functional testing is in the software product capability to interact with other system components under test.

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