Why Outsourcing Software Testing Company is a Better Choice ?

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Dedicated quality assurance team has grown popular for the last years. Many companies prefer hiring offshore IT professionals rather than have home software testing departments.

Advantages of an Outsourced Quality Assurance Team:

– it is customized for every client, it meets requirements of the project for which it is dedicated the best possible way;
– it consists of highly skilled and experienced specialists in manual and automated testing;
– it is much more effective than a home testing department.
Hiring a dedicated team is like buying a tool perfectly adjusted for the project, with all the needed functions, easy in use and efficient. One can choose the required number of people with suitable skills taking into account the project budget and schedule.

Why Choose Outsourcing Software Testing Company

Cooperation With a Software Testing Company Allows to Avoid:

– long and tiresome process of searching and interviewing testers in order to find ones with the needed competency and personal qualities;
– expenses on creation and constant support of a home testing team; a dedicated team can be  hired for a short period, when there are tasks for it, or one can build a long term relationships; a dedicated team works as long as it is needed;
– expenses on buying various gadgets and tools; a professional software testing company uses the latest instruments and techniques;
– expenses on training and upgrading home testers’ skills; test engineers in a software testing company work on different projects, they are always on top of the latest achievements, events and trends in IT;
– team management problems; it is easy to add or remove testers from the dedicated team when project tasks and goals change; one can fully concentrate on the project and do not worry about searching testers with certain skills or thinking what to do with those, whose assistance is not needed at the moment.

Working with a dedicated quality assurance team with help of a quality control company is a guarantee of thorough and professional verifications of the software, as the team is created for this purpose, it consists of professionals passionate about finding software bugs. One can sign a contract to validate duties and responsibilities of the hired company.

Why is Cooperation with TestMatick a Smart Solution?

TestMatick is a team of highly skilled professionals in verifying quality of all kinds of mobile, desktop and web applications.

Our test engineers specialize in thorough verification of functionality, usability, user interface, performance, localization, security and other aspects of modern software products for all known operation systems and devices. We have experts in manual testing, automated testing, technical writing, SEO, game and e-commerce applications testing, etc. TestMatick is ready to start working at any project, on any stage of software development or lifecycle.

Besides, TestMatick is the Best Partner Because:

– our rich and varied experience on different projects allows us to quickly find the most rational and effective solutions of different irregular and complex testing problems;
– we use the latest and the most effective methods and tools;
– our testing lab includes a wide choice of mobile and desktop devices, emulators and other instruments used for fast and thorough software testing;
– we are client-oriented and flexible, our main goal is to fully satisfy the customers, assist them in creating competitive and quality software;
– our offices in different locations and day-and-night availability allow us to finish the most difficult tasks within a very limited time frame.

We understand needs and problems of our customers, that is why we allow them to feel free make changes in their projects, set new or modify the existing tasks anytime, fully control and manage testing processes.

You can learn more about our quality control company, projects in which we were involved, see our clients’ testimonials on our site. If you are interested or have any questions, contact us, we are glad to provide you with any information about our services.

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