When Does Offshore Testing Team Run Back-To-Back Testing?

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Back-to-back testing verifies whether the quality of manufactured software corresponds to that of the IT products that are present in the market today.

This Process Can be Carried Out During Different Stages of the Development Life Cycle:

  • In the initial stages, the testing helps to compare various interface styles for the purpose of determining the most appropriate one (user interface testing).
  • In software development process (SDP), back-to-back testing can be used to compare the individual features of a software product, for example, different buttons to understand which component is most reliable and provides the most of functionality required (usability testing).
  • In the final stages of the development life cycle, offshore testing team can run back-to-back testing to compare a previous version of the program with its current version (acceptance testing).
  • In addition, back-to-back testing is very effective for inspecting mobile apps and websites. It is an excellent indicator of how useful and competitive is the program for the end users shortly after its deployment / shipping.

Why is Back-To-Back Testing Used?

For one thing, back-to-back testing of software can be performed together with any other type of testing (for instance, such as website testing, mobile testing, etc.). It is meant to compare two or more components of the program. You can compare the design components, different versions of the same software product or to compare your software app with the product of your competitor. Thus, by doing so, you can identify weaknesses and strengths of any component of the program.

How Does Offshore Software Testing Company Conduct Back-To-Back Testing?

This form of testing compares several software components simultaneously. It allows to determine the performance characteristics and other parameters of each component in many-component architecture and then to compare the results so as to know if the product is marketable or not.

Back-to-back testing can have the same goals as exploratory testing, or it can be a more serious analysis to be carried out with the involvement of control and experimental groups, depending on results you want. It is curious that the best test results can be expected if the compared items are entirely different, but not when they have even some similarities.

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