What Is An Outsourcing of The Software Testing?

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The outsourcing of the software testing is an effective solution to reduce costs and increase the quality of testing.
Today, the outsourcing of the software testing is an optimal solution, allowing you to increase the quality of your software at minimal cost.
The outsourcing of the software testing provides free intellectual and technical resources, increases the quality of applications and significantly reduces the risk of losses caused by the misuse of the software products.

The remote team of testers helps the clients to avoid serious problems and provides the high product quality.
The quality control of the systems and applications is one of the most important stages of the software development. Therefore, it is hard to overestimate the importance of testing in the provision of services and products of exceptional quality.
Today, the most popular kinds of outsource software testing are:

Load testing
Security testing
Functional testing
Automated testing
Regression testing
Installation testing
Cross-browser testing

Generally, the developers don’t have the necessary skills and resources to carry out the full testing. In this case, the outsourcing of testing is not only more economical, but often the only possible way to manage the software quality.

Software testing is an integral stage of development, but not the key area of the most firms. The transmission of testing to the outsourcing helps the company to focus on its main activity, while the external experts perform effective and qualitative testing.

One of the key points that ensure the high quality of testing, and at the same time main obstacle to transferring the product to the outsourcing is the presence of the safe channels of communication and information exchange.

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