What Do Software Quality Assurance Companies Do at Design Phases

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In the design phase, professionals of software quality assurance companies determine how to implement desirable features in the product. They develop design of a software program (i.e., what will the product look like from the user’s point of view) and its internal structure. Both of these components are closely interrelated and are projected simultaneously.

As a rule, the experts develop any project based on the product’s requirements. If this document is unavailable, incomplete or constantly changes, they need to independently decide about what functions the product should have.

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According to the traditional development model, the coding starts only at the end of the design phase. This, of course, is not applicable to the prototype, which is created during the design phase with intent to analyze the future product. However, in practice, quite a significant piece of the prototype code may be found in the final product. At the design phase, the staff of qa companies may write some of low-level procedures – those which are subject to the most stringent requirements for speed and resource consumption. There are also alternative approaches to the design phase which will be discussed later, in some of the next articles.

Software Design

Description of software design includes a detailed description of the user interface, in particular, all its screen and printed forms. Sometimes, if the work is done in accordance with requirements of a certain customer, the product’s design can be determined by its users. They themselves write some project documents using terminology that is comprehensible for them.

During the product development process, its design may undergo changes multiple times, because just this part of the system is crucial, though it may rather seem not so important. There is hardly anyone who will want to have the software product which code is perfect, but some element of its interface causes the users an inconvenience, confuses them, produces errors or is insufficiently flexible and functional to be usable – actually, does not work as it should in order to satisfy even some of the users’ needs. However, working on the design, you need to understand that even the most elaborate system is sure to exhibit some errors in the course of its exploitation.

Internal Structure

Description of the internal structure of a software product determines the future set of software modules (software architecture), structure, interrelations and data storage and data processing principles (data organization) and the program’s algorithms.

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