Website Testing Services Point-by-Point

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In the given article, we are going to take a closer look at the website testing as a service. Actually, it possesses several items, so let us do it point-by-point.

Preparatory Works. Testers study received documentation (analyze the functionality of technical tasks, study the destination site layouts and test plans for further testing).

Functional Testing. The longest stage of resource verification. The essence of this process is to verify all of this functionality:

  • Verifying all the necessary website functions.
  • Go-no-go testing of the website user forms (for example, feedback, adding the comments to blog, etc.)
  • Verifying the work search (including the relevance of results).
  • Verifying hyperlinks and dead links.
  • Check uploading files to the server.
  • Checking the operability of the counters installed on the website.
  • Checking the conformance of the website content with the initial content provided by the customer.

Page Layout Testing. When checking page layout, first of all testers validate the location of elements, line positions provided by layouts and they also check the optimization of images and graphics. Then, they check code validity. In the process of the page laying out, it’s important to observe correctness of the object hierarchy and is also crucial to verify its validity on the fact of completion.

Usability Testing. Testers perform the given testing type in order to assess the product facilities in use, based on attracting users in the role of testers and analyzing the final results.

Security Testing Service. At the given testing stage, software specialist validates the protection of all critical pages (for example, website administration pages) from external influence.

Performance Testing is executed aiming to define the website performance under big loads.

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