User Interface Testing Services: How to Achieve Maximum Coverage From GUI App

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When defining the meaning of GUI test coverage it is possible to mention the following testing levels:

Functional coverage is a coverage of GUI requirements document.

Structured coverage determines the extent to which requirements-based tests execute the code structure. For ensuring high structural coverage, each GUI element should be used in test example though once.

Structured coverage takes into account state of GUI elements – this level of test coverage can be achieved not just through usage of each GUI element, but also by setting different states of the element (for example, state of check box – marked/not marked, for input boxes – blank/partially filled/filled, etc.)

Almost every second user of software app cannot do without user interface testing services. The reason is that the functionality of a favorite software program stops working one day. Only experienced testers find adequate solutions to this problem. Therefore, they take orders from the users 24 hours a day.

Structured coverage concerning the state of GUI elements and the internal state of an operating system behavior of some GU interface elements may be changeable depending on the internal state of the system. Each such distinguishable behavior of a graphical user interface element should be checked. For example, the system may have two modes of operation normal and the other one designed for the novice user, in which a tooltip is added to each pressing element. In this case, you need to check both the modes and at the same time make sure that the tips appear only in the beginner mode.

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When measuring test coverage one should not forget that response to some of the interface elements is not determined by a software system, but it is done at the operating system level or execution environment. For example, the response to usage of many interface elements of the standard file open dialog box is determined by an operating system and cannot be tested.

You are likely to find penetration testing service extremely useful because it helps to identify defects in software applications. To ensure proper functionality of the GUI for a given app, testing specialists run pen tests to uncover and eliminate flaws in the program.

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