The Way Software Testing Companies Perform the Implementation of Software Products

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As a rule, software testing companies mainly deal with various software products and QA consultants from TestMatick decided to share all the key points on the implementation of the software product. The given information will help you in assessing the real scope of works, amount of SQA services specialists for the project implementation and its duration.

Based on this data, it is possible to estimate objectively the approximate cost of the project. There are also basic stages, based on which the software product is implemented.

Main Stages of the Software Product Implementation:

  • Survey.
  • Development of technical specifications.
  • System configuration (software product).
  • System testing.
  • Beta testing.
  • Industrial exploitation of a system.

I Stage. On the first stage of the project, specialists perform the diagnostics and examination of the enterprise. Under examination, It’s meant the diagnostics of all business processes that will cover future system. Duration of surveys can vary depending on the size and functionality of the system based on the selected software product. Usually, the survey lasts from 1 week to 1 month (average duration of the examination phase is 2 weeks).

II Stage. On the second stage of the project implementation, specialists develop technical specifications. It includes the description of all the system directories, all calculation algorithms, reporting forms, AWP (automated workstations) users, and users’ assignment of access privileges. The development takes from 1 to 3 months (average duration from 1.5 months to 2).

III Stage – system configuration (automation), which includes a formation of all system directories in the program, configuration of all calculation algorithms, input and reporting forms, entering the system users and setting permissions. The duration of this phase depends on the qualification of specialists and level of complexity of the task. The average time spent on the system configuration is 1-1.5 months.

IV Stage – software product (system) testing. It includes preparation of working example, the introduction of test data, validation of calculation algorithms and elimination of detected errors. On average, the stage of testing should last 2 weeks.

V Stage – beta testing. The given stage is necessary in order to compare the results in new system performance with the results obtained manually or using older software products or spreadsheets. On average, the beta testing phase takes one month.

VI Stage – industrial exploitation of a system implies the transition of the enterprise on a new product and the rejection of all alternative work outside this system. Within the project framework, the phase of industrial exploitation of the system usually takes about 1 month.

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