The Significance of User Interface Testing Services

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It’s not a secret that every software development company/top testing company strives to release only the best and top quality applications and other software products. The first thing that users pay attention to – is User Interface, as it is a front-end of the program and the only part of a software product with which users interact. So, they judge the whole system based on its user interface.

Success of Any Application Depends on 3 Factors:

  • The way in which the application interacts with the user through its UI.
  • How the user acts to access application’s features.
  • Whether application responds in functionally correct manner.

To achieve this, there is the necessity to perform User Interface Testing Services. It is a process of verifying whether the software user interface complies with the requirements and whether it is convenient for users to work with the software product.

TestMatick has been involved in user interface testing for about 5 years and is among top 10 software testing companies. Software testing companies should verify user interface of an application, rely on best practices, up-to-date methods, own experience and the customers’ preferences.

Testers check whether various user interface components operate properly when a user inputs various valid and invalid data. This testing type may be performed and manually, and by means of various automated testing tools.

Tips for Successful User Interface Testing

#1. Hierarchically Organized Scripts. The scripts should be hierarchically organized in compliance with the software object hierarchy.

#2. OneScripts for One Object. Each script should verify one function of an object. If there are several similar or related functions, they may be tested by one script.

#3. Use Replay Instruments. It’s reasonable to utilize an instrument that can replay the scripts automatically and check if the application correctly responds. The instrument should call the tested objects by their names, not rely on their location or other characteristic as they are frequently changed during software development process.

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