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Smoke testing is a type of software testing that is mainly carried out to detect visual defects that may occur in a software product in the early stages of the development life-cycle.

Smoke testing for the first time was used by stove-setters who closed the working doors of a new stove and checked whether the smoke appeared where it was not expected to. Also, the term of “smoke testing” is originated in circuit design practice, when the engineers connected the power supply to the electric boards just for a second, and then checked if they overheated or not by touching them.

If there were the overheated spots, the specialists tried to identify a cause of the problem. Otherwise, this very testing was performed several times before putting the product into service. The testing was jokingly called “smoke” as when it was the smoke during work of the board it meant that it was something wrong with the facility.

QA outsourcing company usually covers all the needs in software testing. Smoke testing is a bit similar to functional testing because of their goals’ identity that is why the companies use it to validate the software build at the high level. It is time & cost effective method and can be performed when a full spectrum of other testing services is impossible to deliver.

As far as a software product is concerned, a smoke testing can be defined as a short-term cycle of tests that are run to make sure that after every build of the code (updated or new) the software works correctly. The testing helps to confirm that the basic functions are duly performed by the software being developed.  

After successful execution of smoke testing, the software under development is ready for more complex types of testing.

Functional testing service is delivered to ensure you that your software meets the functional requirements. Outsourced QA testing providers are available to perform the functional testing (smoke testing) of your product either automatically or manually.

There is also some similarity between acceptance testing and integration testing that are short-term tests to be run to verify whether the software is ready to be marketed or not. Smoke testing is well suitable for test automation that is why automated software testing as a service is frequently used for this type of testing. Automating smoke testing, QA outsourcing companies manage to cut costs and enhance a quality of the software.

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