The Quality Of The Software As a Necessity

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Design and development of software are considered to be fairly young fields, but they are widely distributed and grow faster than ever before. The software industry is now considered one of the main pillars of economic growth in many countries. Software companies are striving to achieve customer satisfaction and should often solve complex problems in the supply of high quality products.

Since software has become an integral part of our daily lives, the demand for it has increased significantly. Today, high quality is seen as a mandatory component of the software. It is therefore very important to involve the group’s quality control in the planning and implementation of projects from the very beginning. However, there are still companies that believe that the task of ensuring qa as a service is achieved by testing at the end of the development lifecycle.

You need to keep in mind that the market offers many alternatives, including free and open source software. In addition, there is growing awareness of customers and end-users about the quality of software that they buy. Applications or corporate systems that exhibit low performance or poor user experience will be superseded by other products. Today software development companies need to care about the quality of their products like never before.

Quality assurance during the testing phase (after completing all development tasks) is expensive and puts the entire project at great risk. In the testing phase, developers do everything possible to make their code have minimum number of defects. While managers and customers are looking forward to entering the market ready software testers are frantically looking for new defects.

The question is, why do many software companies make the software development team, adhere to deadlines, not paying attention to the imperfection of the code, a large number of defects, architectural errors and lack of documentation?

The rush during the development may save time in the short term, but ultimately leads to great expenditure of time on rework, if the basic issues of development were not thought out from the beginning. It makes you focus your resources on fixing bugs and reverse engineering the code instead of to invest them in something more useful. Development teams know all this by heart, but picky customers, demanding sales team and the confidence of some developers force them to deal with the provision of quality after the coding.

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