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Any company that deals with software development, at a certain time pressure of meeting deadlines for releasing the product will come into play. Complementary pressure from project stakeholders (like Marketing), won’t be for release date delaying because many effort and money have already been spent on planned date of release.

The release date can be influenced by some factors. Quite frequently happens that software test services (for example, quality assurance services or quality testing services) can be reduced in order not to influence the data of release.

On one side, curtailment some services can be a good intention, because the customers will get the product in time. From another side, users can find some bugs in a released product and this may cause some negative feedback and reviews.

May be a bug is hidden deep in a very obscure functional area of the released software product and as the impact only results in a typo within a seldom-used report, so the impact is low.

In this context, an independent software testing company won’t be affected a lot. But there always can be some concerns about if the bug can cause program crashing, data losing, etc. If this happens, the presence of such a bug can result in loss of life and destroying the entire company responsible. As we see, performing of software quality assurance testing services is essential because some not detected bugs before release can be crucial not only for the new software product but also for the entire company.

Quality assurance services (software testing, validation, performance testing service) are aimed, first of all, to secure the product from all bugs. These testing types are very important because modern software is complicated.

In sum, software testing is essential and should be performed for all products. Of course, it can’t ensure that software is free of bugs, but it can increase software quality.

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