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Today, the overall volume of software products sales in the USA amounts $180 billion per year. Due to the bug-bearing functions, the accidents caused by program products have happened regularly.

Creating a new project, software companies correspond to the development patterns. Software final users, designers, test engineers, and superior administrators are all engaged in the identification of requirements, characteristics and testing strategies. In many models, software testing is prepared at the start of the process and carried out simultaneously with the development cycles. It is impossible to test a product without learning about it.

Testing a new developed product is always a good practice for the test engineers. The required time and effort depends on the difficulty of the product and the skills of the test engineers. The main advantage of using an automated instrument is to save the test engineers from wasting much time on learning new software. It gives the engineers an opportunity to concentrate on more serious problems.

Software testing helps to find defects in an application and make sure that it meet all the necessary requirements. Throughout the software development cycle, software designers and test engineers do everything possible to find bugs and to guarantee the production quality. The final product must perform all the necessary functions and be compatible with the clients’ software.

Earlier, the software qa services were carried out manually, i.e. a human launches the application with the use of predetermined processes. From the start of this industry, software engineers have made huge effort to automate the software testing. Many successful organizations have created software test tools that are now available on the market. A lot of modern commercial software tools are able to detect bugs in order to correct them before the product release. As stated above, these instruments have some automation (they are able to realize reverse engineering and create the test scripts).

However, they have some disadvantages:

– The test scripts often must be debugged.

– They can’t complete a whole test process alone.

– They introduce processes that may not comply with the company’s software development.

-The reverse development is detached from the test script writing.

Often, creating a test script is a difficult task. Making up and documenting the testing data with the modern tools is a completely manual work. Thus, these tools have the restricted abilities of automation. Using the automated software testing instruments described in this guide, testers don’t have to write test script manually. Now, the software testing process can work with a minimum human interaction. This tool must be suitable for repeated use and satisfy the testing requirements of most program products. In short, you will find out how to create the reusable testing modules.

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