The Expensive Learning Curve of Outsource Software Testing

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Outsourcing software testing you will be able to save on the cost of learning curve associated with offshore testing services. What is learning curve? Where does learning curve occur?  Let us learn more about economic effects of learning curve.

Nowadays software products become increasingly complex. As a result, it is getting more and more difficult to test them efficiently. The learning curve can be high and steep for any testing team and even much more costly and more precipitous for outsourced test teams.

In relations to the start of software testing, the steep learning curve can have to do with the process’s complexity, and the cost affects each member of the team when the project manager suffers from this more than anybody! Software engineers have interruption after interruption and, therefore, they cannot stay focused on work anymore. Business analysts feel frustrated going over the old ground while project managers churn through budget and project timelines in an attempt to bring everything into compliance.

You cannot make less sophisticated software, as well as you, cannot turn back time (of course, unless you can use time machine). Also, if you are not capable of reducing the extent of the problem or making the learning curve flatter, then you cannot but use specialized tools.

There are Main Tools for Shortening the Learning Curve of Outsource Software Testing:

You are welcome to get familiar with the three things that help to reduce the learning curve of outsourced software testing.

  1. Functional map – it contributes to making an index of user scenarios/ stories in comparison with main function points of the software wherein a function point and a user story intersect and, as a result, you get a test case or test suite (a set of test cases). This index becomes incredibly beneficial already on the first day of its usage.
  2. Value Proposition – if a whole offshore testing team has the understanding of both its technical and business objectives then it becomes possible to leverage a Quality Assurance teams’ strengths strategically to achieve technical and business goals of the proposed project day by day.
  3. Appoint a QA manager of your outsourced software testing team. When the team has qualified technical manager, he can get engineers to perform their work to a high professional standard.  In fact, QA manager plays a valuable and beneficial role in the success of the teamwork.

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