The Concept of Information System According to IT Testing Services

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Information Technologies – is quite a broad definition, under which falls a number of specific technical tools and techniques to work with information. As a rule, in the process of working with information, people deal with some related sequence of interactions with different means. Depending on the timeline (from operational to strategic long-term tasks) and the scale of actions (from one workplace to the whole company), one can match different ties and consistency, and to manage them, one needs different methods.

System – is the majority of components that are in relationships with each other and this forms a certain integrity and unity for goals achievement.

Information System in its broad sense means the combination of technical, software and organizational maintenance, as well as working staff, designed to provide people with adequate information.

In its narrow sense, Information System is a subset of components of an information system that includes databases, DBMS, and specialized application programs. Information System in the narrow sense is considered as the software and hardware system designed to automate the purposeful activities of end-users, providing, in accordance with established in her logic processing, the ability to obtain, modify, and store information.

Information systems have a number of properties that are common for them:

  • Information systems are intended for collection, storage and processing of information. On the basis of any information, there are means for storing and accessing data;
  • Information systems are designed for the end user who is not a specialist in the field of IT and app testing services. It means that IS should include client applications that provide an intuitive interface. Mobile app testing companies are the best providers of qualitative applications that meet users needs.

In most cases, when a comprehensive system for the storage, processing, and retrieval of information is needed – the implementation procedure is very lengthy. The process of mastering such innovation as Information System by the enterprise may be quite complex, in the case of a successful completeness of the process – spent resources always pay off due to the fact that:

  • IS automates the application of mathematical methods to the solution of problems management;
  • IS minimizes the probability of errors occurrence during information transmission or processing;
  • IS reduces the number of paper documentations;
  • IS improves workflow;
  • IS reduces the cost of producing goods and services.

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