It is a free browser, which was developed for the testing specialist to perform the testing using various versions of Internet Explorer.

It’s rather a difficult task to install several Internet Explorer versions on one and the same PC and the browser won’t work stable in such a case.

And it is the case where IETester settles the difficulty.

One is able to check one’s own site using IE browsers installed on your PC, beginning with 5.5 version and up to the current one.

The program is very easy to work with, there Office 2007 and Tabs are also used.

With a single click, it’s possible to open the page in several versions and compare the results quickly.

Besides, it’s possible to install an addition DebugBar, which will create the functionality similar to the functionality of Mozilla Firefox Firebug plug-in.

This makes the identifying of layout problems much easier and saves a lot of time.

Tool Usage in Our Projects

Cross Browser Testing


Web Application Testing


Exploratory Testing


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