Compatibility Testing Tools

iPad Peek

iPad Peek is a web-based iPad emulator that installs on a web browser and enables its users to see how their sites look on a real iPad. To receive the truest to life imitation one should work with iPad Peek on a WebKit-based browser such as Google Chrome or Apple Safari.


TestObject is a commercial cloud-based platform that provides its users with access to many real modern mobile devices and their emulators. It also suggests some instruments for thorough verifying functionality of the software.


It is a free browser, which was developed for the testing specialist to perform the testing using various versions of Internet Explorer.  It’s rather a difficult task to install several Internet Explorer versions on one and the same PC and the browser won’t work stable in such a case.


Jing is a tool for making screenshots elaborated by TechSmith Corporation. The tool is created for Windows and Macintosh platforms.


SnagIt is a commercial application for capturing pictures displayed on the device screen, recording video and audio played on the computer. It is created by TechSmith Corporation for Windows platforms, but it is supported on Mac OS as well.


Spoon is meant for automatic running Selenium tests on many various browsers. It automatically adjusts to the Selenium infrastructure and networking and starts the tests on the indicated browser.


VirtualBox is a free software product for creating virtual computers. It installs on the existing operating system as a program. The tool is supported by such virtual operating systems like Windows XP and later Windows versions, Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, OpenSolaris. Inside VirtualBox one creates virtual computers and installs operating systems on them.

VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation is a commercial tool used for simultaneous running and controlling several operating systems on one computer. The tool emulates separate machines on which one can install operating systems, and various programs.


BugMuncher is a commercial instrument for providing feedback about web sites from the users. It enables the users to highlight the defects on the website, automatically captures the screen and sends the picture to the web site owner.