Testing Services Companies: Significance of Functional Test Automation

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The Objectives of Functional Tests?

First of all, let us clarify what functional testing is. Well, this is a type of black-box testing meant to check if the application works in conformance with the requirements specification. When the functional test is written correctly it ensures that the system is performing its functions according to the user’s expectations.

These tests focus on business goals and help to enhance the quality of the manufactured product. Typically they are validated by an expert end user. An expert may be unable to test the system’s functionality at each development stage, but they are always involved in documenting the test cases/scenarios.  

Testing services companies run functional tests to ensure the quality of the developed products. Due to them, businesses manage to eliminate the risks of marketing a new software product without thorough QA.

Why Automation Functional Testing?

It takes long to perform function testing by hand since a tester has to go through all the steps and verify the results. Furthermore, the process itself is tedious and annoying, fallible and requires execution of qualified and highly dedicated resources.

To overcome these challenges, one should automate as much of functional testing as possible. Even without automating every test, but only with 50 % coverage through test automation you can considerably save on cost, time and resources.

Automated test scenario can be run on request after each software release lifecycle. Besides, automated test sends feedback much faster than the same manual test.

NB! Penetration test service will be of use for everyone who wants to protect high-value business systems from cyber-attacks and stealing of private data.

Most companies prefer not to test their software app rigorously after each major or minor release due to the abovesaid manual testing challenges. To be honest, they run the risk of releasing a low-quality software product that may fail in real world environment.

As a result, lost clients, damaged reputation, fixes that take much time and that may implicitly crash other components of the application program.

Automating with CloudQA:

Software testers use some tools to automate the functional tests. However, many tools face the common challenge that is automation coverage.

CloudQA is used for covering a plenty of complicated test scenarios. The tool aims to automate the functional tests as much as possible. When delivering software performance testing services, QA engineers use tools for measuring the performance of the software.

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