Software Testing Services: What is the Difference Between Alpha and Beta Testing?

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The most complicated aspect of work on new software product development is not code writing but debugging and bug fixing process. The code is written by people who can make mistakes.

Software testing services are delivered to solve the above problems as well as to improve quality, functionality, performance and reliability of IT systems.

Programmers perform the initial code debugging simultaneously with its writing. When completed, individual software modules are assigned to salaried QA software testers that start verifying them with specialized computer-aided testing.

Alpha and Beta Testing

When separate software modules are ready they become integrated. This is not still a full-featured program but it can work and partially perform its tasks.

This version of the program is called alpha version, and the people engaged in its testing are alpha testers. These are qualified specialists that can work with specialized software and use special techniques.

Beta version is released after completion of work with alpha version. It is a more polished version of an existing program with full capacity. Beta testing is targeted at evaluating the capabilities and steady operation of the program according to opinion of its future users.

Accordingly, people that can work with the same programs or with previous version of this program, can get a job in beta testing companies. Usually the companies have a certain set of people they permanently work together with.

Finally, an open beta testing can be announced when all who want to can apply for the position of beta testers.

The companies releasing online games do not totally comply with the presented order. They happen to involve their future users in testing still in the phase of alpha testing. It is connected with the peculiarities of programming online games.

By the way, game testing services include standards, functionality and compatibility of testing on all platforms. There are aslo open and closed beta services for test hardware and MMO games with embedded game software.

It should be noted, that the developers do not feel lack of people willing to participate in this kind of work – the gamers are hot-tempered persons and each of them wants to be the first to get familiar with a new game.

But when it comes to open beta-testing there are a lot of individuals being keen to take part in it.

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