Software Testing Services: How to Generate a Large String for Testing

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In order to search the border values there must be the possibility to generate a large string.

The app may hang up if you insert 1000000000000 characters in it but how they can be generated? In particular, many users resort to software testing services when they face such a problem.

You can use one of these tools for searching application boundaries:

Perlclip (Windows)

Instruction sheet is available on the website, where you can look through the patterns.



  1. Download.
  2. Dearchive.
  3. Open a command line.
  4. Pass to directory from perlclip.
  5. Call perlclip.exe → it will start and ask to enter a pattern.


Be advised, that software testing companies provide QA solutions and testing services so you can always address them if performance of your IT systems needs to be improved.

If we want to find out how many characters fit to the screen (the boundary is determined by a developer) you are recommended to use counterstring.

Pattern “counterstring 10” generates the string “*3*5*7*10*”. So, we need to generate many strings at once, insert them in the field and analyze how many of them have fit in there.  It is very suitable!!

When a great number of strings are generated, the tool may fall to thinking – however, it is not a problem.

Wait for a while and restart it. When perlclip will finish, it will write “*** Ready to paste” — the string is already in the clipboard, place the cursor on the input box and press Ctrl + V. That is all!

The tool generates a large string and places it to the clipboard.

Disadvantages – compatible only with OS Windows. Computer fans are too upset of it and want an analogue of this tool. By the way, here it is:

Random string generator (Mac, Linux, Windows)

It can generate the string online, compatible with any platform!

It is noteworthy, that quality assurance consulting services are carried out to enable stronger testing processes, excellent app quality, etc, so as to cover all the aspects of product lifecycle management.


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